If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident or suffered a loss in any shape or form, then to make a claim or for advice and guidance...

Simply contact our claim’s advisors on:

01244 817070

Or Free Phone 0800 093 5261

With over 50 years of experience in handling claims of all nature, we can help you to swiftly sort your claim out.

Depending of the nature of your loss/claim. We can arrange to:

  1. Sort all the paperwork out.
  2. Complete any forms.
  3. Speak with your insurance company.
  4. Arrange any insurance assessors.
  5. Arrange any estimates/inspections.
  6. Make all the necessary arrangements.
  7. Make all the necessary phone calls.
  8. Arrange any car hire, be it a car accident.
  9. Arrange any drying equipment be it a leak of water claim.
  10. Minimise your stress.

With over 50 years of experience in handling claims of all nature, we can help you on any type of claim :

  1. Car accident claim and your repairs need sorting out immediately
  2. House claims where you have severe building damage
  3. House burglary and need new locks and doors replacing straight away
  4. Accidental damage of your laptop or TV
  5. Travel claim, where your luggage has been lost
  6. Travel claim where your holiday has been cancelled
  7. Personal injury claim where you need urgent medical reports or physiotherapy
  8. Disputes with neighbours
  9. Disputes with a will
  10. Disputes over the value of a lost item

We have advised tens of thousands of customers over the years on how to make a claim. We give out independent advice. Simply phone us and we shall point you in the right direction and hopefully we can sort your claim out for you.

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